Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America (HMGMA) is Hyundai Motor Group’s first dedicated Electric Vehicle mass-production plant and will be located in Bryan County, GA. The new plant will boast a highly connected, automated, and flexible manufacturing system, which organically connects all elements of the EV ecosystem to realize customer value. The Georgia facility will become an intelligent manufacturing plant. All processes of production—order collection, procurement, logistics and production—will be optimized utilizing AI and data. The innovative manufacturing system will also help create a human-centered work environment with robots assisting human workers.



At HMGMA, we are focused on the future. We believe the evolution of mobility will lead to greater freedom and prosperity for our customers. We boldly take on new challenges with creativity to dream high and achieve greater goals. We are constantly adjusting to the fast-paced world. We learn quickly and create concrete plans, while being mindful that every decision we make has a meaningful and possibly life-changing impact on our customers.


Through positivity and collaboration, we have the ability to achieve greater goals. HMGMA encourages constant collaboration to achieve company goals and work through problems.



HMGMA professionals have a responsibility to finish the task at hand, while paying attention to the details to ensure perfection. They are trained to identify issues and dive deep to find lasting solutions. HMGMA believes that developing expertise in a craft is not about the time you spend, but the knowledge and experience you gain.



Cliff Disi
Quality Control General Assembly Manager

19 years vehicle manufacturing experience

I enjoy the fact that we are changing lives every day, contributing to improving the environment, our employees, the local community and our customers. Starting a new plant can be exciting and challenging, but it’s a great way to learn and grow. Take every opportunity thrown at you to improve your skills and make yourself more valuable. It’s a marathon not a race, and HMGMA is here to stay.

Emily Abreu
Environmental Specialist

Bachelor’s of Environmental Geoscience & Business in Spanish Language

I enjoy working for HMGMA because I have never experienced such a welcoming community as this, even from my first day. Everyone in my department works as a team despite his position. I am hoping to ensure the company is compliant with all environmental regulations while maintaining the team energy.

Jason Zdunich
Learning and Development Assistant Manager

37-Year U.S. Army Veteran
Master’s of Higher Education Administration

At HMGMA, I develop partnerships with higher education institutions and area high schools to ensure students have pathways to future employment at HMGMA. We are focused on the future, and building a bright future starts with obtaining the best employees. HMGMA is full of talented and engaging Meta Pros. I consider myself fortunate to be a member of the Learning and Development Team, helping to build bright futures for potential employees.

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